A Three Year Old And Repentance

This was originally a Facebook post but I wanted to leave it here for my own benefit later. I hope it helps some of you as well. 

Being three is hard. Parenting a three year old is hard. This morning was just one of those moments where worlds collide and I headed out the door frustrated.

Coming home I was greeted at the door by a little girl who apparently also realized the morning was rough. She wanted to try and make things right and so I was welcomed with a sidewalk chalk greeting, a card she spent an hour on, and freshly baked peanut butter cookies.


I had mixed emotions. I was thankful and proud that she wanted to make things right. I was upset that she had worried about it all day. I, too, wanted to make it right.

So, tonight we had an impromptu daddy-daughter date. Blue Marble, Wendy’s (her favorite), and the Dollar Tree for a toy. We talked and we laughed and hopefully by the end of the night all was right in her world.

welcomehome5Today I learned several things, but I am thinking a lot about repentance. I don’t believe for one minute that God wants us to make ourselves miserable thinking about how we mess up, but I do believe there is great joy about wanting to change. Talk is cheap. Actions matter. I’ve got a lot of work to do, but I’m thankful for a little girl who teaches me to try harder every single day.

(And my Dollar Tree prize? A picture frame for the card so I will always remember this day)

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