Daddy Loves Crosley

A few days ago while we were playing in the basement, I wrote this message on one of Crosley’s toys. I asked her if she knew what it said and without missing a beat she said “Daddy loves Crosley.”

Crosley can read her name, but there was no way for her to read the other words so I asked her. “How did you know what it said?”

She said “Because it says Crosley and you do.”00100lrportrait_00100_burst20200103185635766_cover

I started thinking about the way that we read scripture. We all are in different places, some with more knowledge, some with less. Some have more questions than others. As we relate to God and spend time with the Bible I am sure it won’t always make sense, we won’t feel equipped to feel certainty about everything that we see.

In spite of that, I hope as we continue to grow we take confidence in the love of a God, Abba, Daddy who constantly calls out to us as his children. When people ask why we claim to feel God’s love I hope we are able to say:

“Because I am his child and he does!”

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